Podcast Series

Podcast Series

Episode 9: Ten minutes with Christopher Agbega

Join us in our 9th episode as Sam Pauly is joined by Christopher Agbega from Ghana. Christopher lives with Hereditary Motor Sensory Neuropathy, and is an advocate and peer trainer for the Ghana NCD Alliance and a projects officer of the Ghana Federation of Disability Organizations. We discuss what it's like living read more

Episode 9: Ten minutes with Christopher Agbega2021-07-22T12:33:31+01:00

Episode 3: Living with a neurological disorder

This special episode is all about people living with neurological disorders.  We hear from 3 patient groups from a global, European and national perspective and discuss where the challenges faced are the same and where they differ.  As well as exploring how the ONE Neurology Initiative could help address these challenges. read more

Episode 3: Living with a neurological disorder2021-05-24T18:03:05+01:00

Episode 1: ONE neurology

In our first episode we explore what makes neurology one and discuss the commonalities between disorders as well as the common challenges.  We’ll be hearing how these can be addressed with an integrated response, as well as how neurology should be positioned within broader discussions on brain health.Plus we’ll have messages from read more

Episode 1: ONE neurology2021-03-25T17:17:12+01:00
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