Who can become a OneNeurology Ambassador?

We are currently seeking ambassadors to represent the below regions:

  • Asia-Pacific (encompasses the countries represented in WHO’s regional offices SEARO and WPRO)
  • Eastern Mediterranean (WHO EMRO)
  • North America (represents English speaking countries from the North American region)
  • Latin America (encompasses all countries represented in WHO’s PAHO regional office, except for the United States of America and Canada)

The selection criteria for current programme participants are based on their preparedness to take national/regional action, to represent the wider neurology community, to engage meaningfully with various stakeholders in their countries, to monitor progress and report back to the OneNeurology Partnership.

We will also look for diversity in profiles – ensuring representation of different countries and disease areas.  However, Ambassadors should be proficient in the use of English.

Ambassadors can be drawn from the following stakeholder groups: patient organisations and healthcare professionals. Ideally there will be a majority of patient representatives to ensure that the initiative remains patient-focused.

How will Ambassadors be supported?

Alongside a comprehensive range of resources to equip these organisations to engage in more effective advocacy, ambassadors will have ongoing support from the OneNeurology Secretariat.

Ambassadors will have the opportunity to be part of a global movement, whilst becoming a central actor in their region – leveraging an increased focus on neurological disorders globally to push for impactful actions locally.

Note: This is a voluntary role, no payment will be made. However, this work should be complementary to advocates’ activities nationally and can be used to push forward their own agendas nationally/in specific disease areas.

“Due to increasing burden of brain disorders, neurological scientific and patient’s associations should get involved in decision making together to support research and care in neurology and brain health worldwide, together with WHO, EU and all relevant international and national organizations.”

Matilde LeonardiMatilde Leonardi, OneNeurology Ambassador, Italy

“I wish to see uniform neurological services throughout the country and reduced treatment gap in diseases like epilepsy. We need to priority of acute neurological diseases and inclusion of neurorehabilitation at subdistrict level, including insurance coverage for long term rehabilitation.”

Dr. Nirmal SuryaDr. Nirmal Surya, OneNeurology Ambassador, India

“I want to see change in the attitudes and behaviour towards people living with neurological disorders. Stigmatization and prejudices are, in most of the cases, our reality when we meet new people. I have started with combating it, working with young people. I wish to spread good results in my and neighbouring countries.”

Marijeta MojasevicMarijeta Mojasevic, OneNeurology Ambassador, Montenegro

“One of the biggest challenges faced by the Indian healthcare system is the health disparity. There is a huge urban rural divide with almost all the medical facilities are placed predominantly in the urban areas. I wish to see the bridging of gap for improved health equity by having a national health system.”

Prof. Bindu MenonProf. Bindu Menon, OneNeurology Ambassador, India

“My number one priority for OneNeurology would be to embed patient-centric innovation that better aligns PROs with CROs, with patient experience at the core of every decision-making system and to ensure more equitable health care coverage across the EU and beyond.”

Jennifer CamaradouJennifer Camaradou, OneNeurology Ambassador, UK/Greece

If you fulfil the above criteria and are interested in becoming a OneNeurology Ambassador, please contact us, and include your responses to the questions below:

  • What do you believe is the biggest challenge to be addressed in your country? (100 words)
  • What do you believe is the biggest opportunity for neurology in your country? (100 words)
  • Why do you wish to become a OneNeurology Ambassador? (200 words)
  • Provide a short biography outlining your experience in the neurology field (200 words)


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