In our first episode we explore what makes neurology one and discuss the commonalities between disorders as well as the common challenges.  We’ll be hearing how these can be addressed with an integrated response, as well as how neurology should be positioned within broader discussions on brain health.

Plus we’ll have messages from the neurology community and hear from a person living with MS.

Interview guests:

  • Joke Jaarsma, President of EFNA
  • Professor Claudio Bassetti, President of the EAN
  • Professor Vladimir Hachinski, Professor of Neurology at Western University

Audio diary:

  • Bettina Hausmann – living with MS


  • Nina Renshaw, NCD Alliance
  • Eduardo Pisani, All.Can International
  • Mags Rogers, Neurological Alliance of Ireland
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Joke Jaarsma

Claudio Bassetti

Vladimir Hachinski