Neurology is a truly global challenge, with the low- and middle-income countries carrying the heaviest burden. The episode is about the challenges facing people living with neurological disorders in different regions of the world, and how governments, healthcare professionals and patient advocates can help turn things around.

Tune-in and join Sam Pauly and her international guests in the debate.

Interview guests:


  • Dr Tarun Dua, WHO Brain Health Unit

Roundtable discussion:

  • Prof. Bindu Menon, Professor and Head, Apollo Speciality Hospitals, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Prof. Mayowa Ojo Owolabi, Center for Genomic and Precision Medicine, Faculty of Clinical Sciences at the University of Ibadan, World Stroke Organization-Lancet Commission on Stroke
  • Matilde Leonardi, Director of Neurology, Public Health, Disability Unit & Coma Research Centre, Italy

Audio diary:

  • Nina Mago, epilepsy advocate and founder of the Purple Bench Initiative, Uganda


  • Dr. Vreni Schoenenberger, Global Franchise Head, External Affairs/Market Access – Neuroscience at Novartis
  • Simona Skerjanec, Senior VP and Therapeutic Area Head, Roche
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Dr Tarun Dua

Prof. Bindu Menon

Prof. Bindu Menon

Mayowa Owolabi

Prof. Mayowa Ojo Owolabi

Matilde Leonardi

Matilde Leonardi