With a focus primarily on Sub-Saharan Africa, in this episode we explore the challenges currently faced across the continent in accessing neurological care.  We’re joined by neurologists from the region as well as hearing from the WHO on the range of issues and barriers to care, from the low number of neurologists to the problem of stigma and discrimination. Our guests will be discussing how these challenges can be addressed through education, a holistic approach and understanding of the region and its population.  We’ll also be hearing first-hand what it’s like to live with a neurological disorder in Africa.

Interview guests:

Interview 1:

  • Professor Mayowa Owolabi, Director, Center for Genomic and Precision Medicine, University of Ibadan and OneNeurology Ambassador
  • Dr Tina Charway-Felli, President, African Academy of Neurology and a practising neurologist in Accra, Ghana.

Interview 2:

  • Florence Baingana, WHO Africa Regional Advisor, Mental. Neurologic and Substance use Disorders

Audio diary:

  • Michael Uchunor, Founder and Chairman of the Michael and Francisca Foundation and a stroke survivor


  • Rania Kaouech Galai, Representative, Tunisia MS Organisation and Roche Patients Advisory Group representative.
  • Dr Temitope Farombi, University College Hospital, Ibadan and Founder, Online Health Company (Ohealth)
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Mayowa Owolabi

Professor Mayowa Owolabi

Dr Tina Charway-Felli

Dr Tina Charway-Felli

Florence Baingana

Florence Baingana

Michael Uchunor