In this, our second episode, we discuss why now is the time to act for neurology.
We’ll be examining why neurology has soaring figures and asking if it has it been neglected historically.

Plus we’ll be case studying stroke and finding out what neurology as a whole can learn from it.

Interview guests:

Interview 1
  • Prof Guenther Deuschl, European Academy of Neurology (EAN)
  • Prof William Carroll, World Federation of Neurology (WFN)
Interview 2
  • Prof Valery Feigin, Worls Stroke Organisation (WSO)
  • Arlene Wilkie, Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE)
  • Dr Hariklia (Harriet) Proios, Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE)


  • Mary Secco, International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE)
  • Elena Becker Barroso, Lancet Neurology
  • Tadeusz Hawrot, European Federation of Neurological Associations (EFNA)
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Prof Günther Deuschl

Prof Günther Deuschl

Prof Bill Carroll

Prof William Carroll

Valery Feigin

Prof Valery Feigin


Dr Hariklia Proios