This special episode is all about people living with neurological disorders.  We hear from 3 patient groups from a global, European and national perspective and discuss where the challenges faced are the same and where they differ.  As well as exploring how the ONE Neurology Initiative could help address these challenges.

We’ll also hear directly from three people living with different disorders: dystonia, restless legs syndrome and peripheral neuropathy.

Interview guests:

  • Georgina Carr, Neurological Alliance UK
  • Russell Patten,  European Parkinson’s Disease Association  (EPDA)
  • Dr Francesca Sofia, International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE)

Audio diaries:

  • Adam Kalinowski, President of Dystonia Europe
  • Daragh Bogan, European Alliance for Restless Legs Syndrome (EARLS)
  • Jean-Philippe Plancon, European Patient Organisation for Dysimmune and Inflammatory Neuropathies (EPODIN)
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Georgina Carr

Georgina Carr

Russel Patten

Dr Francesca Sofia