In our fifth episode we move the lens beyond treatment and focus on research.  We discuss the challenges of the research in neuroscience and how we can make the case for the value of innovation in brain research.  We’ll discuss the importance of prevention and ask-  is this a watershed moment for research?

We’ll also hear directly from a person living with ME as well as a message on treatment from the neurology community.

Interview guests:

  • Dr Paulo Fontoura, Roche
  • Prof Monica di Luca, European Brain Council
  • Jane Ransom, American Brain Foundation

Audio diary:

  • Anne Goodchild –  European ME Alliance


  • Dr Lars Kristiansen, International Brain Research Organisation
  • Dr Elena H Martinez-Lapiscina, European Medicines Agency
  • Mariel Sander, Healthy Brains Global Initiative
  • Dr Anne Helme, MS International Federation
  • Paula Barbarino, Alzheimer Disease International
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Dr Paulo Fontoura

Prof Monica di Luca

Jane Ransom