In our final episode we look ahead and ask what is now needed at International, European and national level.  We’ll be talking with Dr Tarun Dua, from the World Health Organisation Brain Health Unit and hearing some success stories from Iceland and Norway.

We’ll be discussing the Global Action Plan and hear what’s in store for the OneNeurology Initiative and how people can get involved.

Interview guests:

Interview 1:

  • Dr Tarun Dua, WHO Brain Health Unit
  • Anette Storstein, Norwegian Brain Council
  • Dr Stefán Yngvason, Reykjalundur Rehabilitation Centre, Iceland

Interview 2:

  • Donna Walsh, European Federation of Neurological Associations
  • Alexandra Heumber Perry,  European Federation of Neurological Associations


  • Joke Jaarsma, European Federation of Neurological Associations
  • Prof Claudio Bassetti, European Academy of Neurology
  • Monica di Luca, European Brain Council
  • Prof William Carroll, World Federation of Neurology
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Tarun Dua, WHO at the WHO Ministerial Conference on Global Action Against Dementia, Geneva. Tuesday 17 March 2015. Photo by Violaine Martin

Dr Tarun Dua

Dr Stefán Yngvason

Alexandra Heumber Perry

Alexandra Heumber Perry